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M/S D.RATAN & CO. was founded by Late Mr. Ratan Krishna Dey way back in the year 1915 in the city of KOLKATA before the indepandent of INDIA. At that time Photographs were taken in daylights with the silver coated glass films with the German made padestal B/W camera. Our studio was the 3rd oldest studio in kolkata. During India's struggle for independent movement our 1st & 2nd generation took the photographs of our country's freedom movements and used to publish those photographs on the newspapers. during that period till after independent of India we served our nation in the field of photography. we took photographs of so many eminent personalities like MAHATMA GANDHI, NETAJI SUBHASH CH BOSE, RABINDRA NATH TAGORE, LORD MOUNTBATEN, KAJI NAZRUL ISLAM, MOULANA AZAD, SHYAMAPRASAD MUKHERJEE, SARDAR PATEL, MD. ALI JINNA, TENZING NORGE, INDIRA GANDHI, DR. BIDHAN CH ROY, ACHARYA PROFULLO CH ROY & so many.

Our company also used to capture the photographs in the fields of sports & cultural sectors. we took the shots of SIR GARY SOBERS, WESLY HALL, MANSOOR ALI KHAN PATAUDI & famous actors like UTTAM KUMAR, BISWAJIT, DURGADAS BANERJEE and so many more. After the invention of COLOR photography we remodeled our studio with the COLOR printing lab in the 90's. After that a huge transition has happened in the field of photography with the development of DIGITAL system. In the year 2006 we introduced our first FULLY DIGITAL STUDIO with PRINTING & PROCESSING MACHINES. Since then we are continuously upgrading our services with the LATEST DIGITAL PHOTO PRINTING & ALBUM MAKING equipments.